Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How long will Passionfruit Vines live?

The passionfruit vine, or Lilikoi, as it is known on the Hawaiian Islands, is a relatively short lived plant. Some vines may produce for only 3-4 years, while others can last a decade. They will generally not die outright, but rather the yields will begin to decline.

Commercial growers should keep harvest records, and when yields begin to drop, replanting is necessary. Backyard growers don’t have to be so quick to pull the plants since tolerate less fruit is more tolerable. I have a vine that’s reaching the decade point and is producing quite well. Since I don’t keep records though, I can’t tell if my yields are down.
Commercial strawberry growers have a similar situation. In the Southern US, plants remain in the ground for 3 or 4 years. After each season though, yields decline as the population of pathogenic organisms, such as nematodes and a variety of fungi, increase and attack the roots. In contrast, California strawberry growers remove the plants, fumigate the soil and replant each year. Because of this practice, yields remain high each year.