About Me

My name is Nick Sakovich; I am retired from the University of California Cooperative Extension. I held the position of Citrus and Avocado Farm Advisor in Orange County, California and later in Ventura County as Citrus Advisor.   I was also Administrator for the UC Master Gardener Program in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Prior to that, I worked as a technician in the Orange County Department of Agriculture plant pathology laboratory.

As Farm Advisor, my job was research and education. My students were the commercial growers of the county. I conducted research in sub-tropical agriculture, directed seminars and conferences and taught various courses.  My writings are published in professional journals, trade magazines and newsletters. 

After 25 years with the University, I retired in Hawaii and joined the University of Hawaii Master Gardener Program.  Since 2007 I have been writing a weekly gardening column in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. The entries on this website are based on those articles. On occasion I teach horticultural classes through the University of Hawaii Continuing Education Department.

 My goal in producing this site is basically what I have been doing all my professional life – sharing science based information to anyone who wants to learn.

There are many gardening books and websites. Many are based on opinion and experience.  These two characteristics are good, but even better when backed by scientific research.   On this site, I share information that has been substantiated by scientific research.  If it is my opinion, I will simply say so, but you won’t find much of that. The information I convey is either based on research I have conducted or am familiar with or information which I have gathered from various university websites. This material is mostly applicable to the tropical and subtropical world.

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