Monday, February 23, 2015

Propagating Plumaria Trees

Plumaria trees can be propagated from cuttings, normally 1-2 feet long. This method preserves the characteristics of the selected cultivar. Before placing the cutting in the ground, they need to “cure” in a dry place for at least two weeks. Then, it is important to plant them in a well-drained soil; they may also be planted in a pot. Although not required, treating the base of the cutting with a rooting compound (0.3% indolebutyric acid) will enhance rooting.  

Plumeria can also be propagated from seeds collected from the tree. It is interesting to note that seeds from trees with white flowers produce mostly white-flowered seedlings; dark red will produce red, and yellow will produce yellow. On the other hand, pinks and multicolored plants will produce a range of colors in their seedlings.

Plumeria blooms can easily be strung into a fragrant flower necklace known as a "lei" in Hawaii.