Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Planting Carrot Seeds

Carrots seeds are small and slow to germinate, and the seedlings are fragile. Because of this, problems can arise. 

1) When heavy rains occur, the seeds can easily wash away. Placing some type of cover over the seed bed will help, but it is needed only until the seeds have emerged.

2) Few seedlings will be able to emerge through a crusty soil. Careful soil preparation is important.

3) Follow proper planting directions: 

    a) plant carrot seeds 1/4 inch deep in heavy soils, and 1/2 inch deep in light soils. 

    b) Thin out dense seedlings carefully in order to give roots enough room to expand normally. Space plants 2 to 4 inches apart.

    c) Make sure to check the date on the seed packet to be certain the seeds are current.